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18th IFLA ILDS Conference Website Revealed! 🌐 Join Us!

31 January 2024

    📚 Exciting News for Librarians, Publishers, and Information Specialists! 🌐 Unveiling the 18th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply Conference "Global to Local: Diversity and Inclusiveness in Resource Sharing" website []. Join us in shaping the future of resource sharing! #InterlendingConference #ResourceSharing #DocumentSupply #KnowledgeExchange 🚀 Stay Updated: 📅 Explore the latest updates, session details, and key announcements on our regularly updated website. From the conference agenda to speaker profiles and interactive sessions, find everything you need to plan your personalized experience.

    Marrakesh Monitoring Report 2024

    29 January 2024

      Which countries have signed up to the Marrakesh Treaty, which removes the copyright barriers preventing making and sharing accessible copies of works for people with print disabilities, and how far have they gone in bringing their national legislation into line with its provisions? Our latest Marrakesh Monitoring Report provides an update!

      Appointment of IFLA Parliamentarian

      26 January 2024

        Following a call for applications in April 2023, the Governing Board has appointed Martyn Wade to the position of IFLA Parliamentarian. The appointment was made after a thorough review process of applicants.