With libraries strongly dependent on the decisions of others – about laws, funding and beyond – advocacy in order to shape attitudes is essential.

Fortunately, libraries – through their presence around the world and practical contributions to improve lives and communities – have a great potential to do this.

IFLA therefore regularly calls on its Members and all interested volunteers to mobilise and support the wider library field.

This includes campaigns and activities to address global issues, responses to consultations, and input on statements, manifestos, guidelines and standards.

You may also be able to contact governments, representatives of the United Nations, or other key decision-makers to help them understand why libraries matter.

Volunteering to translate IFLA documents is another great way to learn about the work being done, and to help distribute valuable messages and resources to new regions around the globe.

We invite you to join us. Take a look at our opportunities page for more.

See also our wider resources about library advocacy.