IFLA’s Trend Report gives you a starting point for thinking about the future of the library field, and the external forces that will shape it.

Drawing on the insights of key thinkers, it aims to give libraries everywhere the possibility to take a step back and reflect on the developments that offer new possibilities to, or require adaptation from, our institutions and profession.

Since the original report, setting out five key trends and what they could mean, there have been several shorter updates. Each report identifies further economic, social, cultural, environmental, political and technological evolutions that have implications for us and the communities we serve.

The Trend Report is designed to be used by IFLA’s Members and beyond. We strongly encourage you to draw on its chapters in order to launch discussions within your associations, institutions, or simply among colleagues.

Which trends seem most pressing for you? What positive or negative impacts could they have? What can libraries do to keep ahead of the curve, and seize opportunities presented?

Find out more on the Trend Report website.